Solar Power Supplies

A Solar Power Supply (SPS) is the answer to your challenge of a poor or non-existent electrical service. Why choose solar power over conventional power?

  • Rising costs for meter drops
  • Rising cost of trenching
  • Efficiency of todayís solar technology
  • Little or no annual costs
  • No monthly electrical bill
  • Continual power - no blackouts

Solar Power Supplies are a good power solution for:

  • Irrigation Control in:
    • Parks
    • Medians
    • Reclamation projects
    • HOA common areas
    • Remote sites
  • Lighting
    • Intersections or entry ways
    • Signs
    • Remote Driveways
    • Park or common areas and pavilions
    • Mail box sites
    • Kiosks
    • Security lighting
  • Light Industrial
    • DC pumps
    • Security cameras
    • Remote site power
    • Portable & backup power

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    Optional SPS Equipment

  • Powder Coated dual sided steel pedestal enclosure
  • Stainless steel dual sided pedestal enclosure
  • Top of Pole Mount for PV Panel (adjustable tilt)
  • Side of Pole Mount for PV Panel (not adjustable)
  • Roof Mount for PV Panel (s)
  • Vandal Resistant Mounting Hardware
  • Separate Battery Box
  • On-Site Enclosure ( built into existing structures )  
  • Lighting Controller (call for details & spec. info)
  • Driveway Sensor Assembly
  • X10 control ( call for details & spec info)

Note:  If the option you wish to specify isnít listed above, please contact our office for specification reference.

SPS systems are designed according to supply and demand criteria which include:

  • Site location (average sun hours/day)
  • Type of equipment being powered
  • Total time of operation
  • Amount of power (watts) being consumed
  • Minimum 3 day battery reserve
  • Meeting current NEC rules and regulations

Standard SPS Features:

  • Powder Coated aluminum enclosure
  • Pure Sine-Wave Inverter for accurate data/time function (Irrigation Control Assemblies only)
  • Modified Sine-Wave inverter (All other applications that do not require accurate data/time functions)
  • Load & charge rated Charge Controller
  • Battery Bank with minimum 5 day reserve
  • All wiring to meet NEC regulations
  • PV panel (s) to capture solar energy based on Site Survey Form
  • PV panel mounting bracket
  • Mounting, Assembly, and Operating Instructions

Use the following link for the Solar Project Information Sheet. You may fill it out online then print it and fax it to us. If you do not have a pdf reader then use the following link and print the page, fill it out then fax it to us we will be glad to assist you in the design and specification of your project and assembly.  We can also help you with meeting national, state & local  electrical code regulations.


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