Solar Power Project Picture Gallery

Rain Master Eagle with I Central and weather station not shown.

Power supply for LED lights inside of the sign.

Hunter ACC Two Wire System


                                        Rough installation                                         Finshed Installation


                     Solar Panels with Hunter ET System                 Phase Two - Irrigation and Heat Tape power

Solar Power Supply for irrigation controller and heat strip on back flow device.

Solar power supply for the irrigation controller at the bottom right
and a floresent light inside the gazeebo


Roof mounted panels for solar powered pavilion lighting and irrigation.

Dual sided stainless steel enclosure for solar and lighting controls, and irrigation controls.


Dual light fixtures located in the peak of the above pavilion, night time in the pavilion

Solar Powered Irrigation Control System


Solar Powered light using an led cluster for illumination

Solar Power Supply for two lights, illuminating street signs at an intersection.

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