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Control Tech was originally started in 1993 as a Colorado front range sprinkler controller repair facility. Our beginnings were humble representing only one controller manufacturer. In 1995 the need arose for a specialty electronics manufacturer to develop and produce limited use or niche usage products. Control Tech then incorporated to become Control Tech USA, Inc.

    Today, Control Tech USA, Inc has expanded beyond our original starting point of controller repair. While we stil do a limited amount of repairs, we have developed a few electronic products including lightning and power surge protection equipment and wireless links for flow and switching. We build solar power supplies for irrigation controls and landscape lighting and well as offer installation of these power supplies. We are currently expanding our service base to include water management consulting and operation for the Colorado Front Range specializing our work with H.O.As and commercial properties. Since irrigation does not run year round here in Colorado, we use the winter months to develope new products and fine tune our education.

     For the future, we'll keep our eyes and ears open to the special and specific product or service needs that will arise in our ever growing green industry.

Control Tech USA, Inc. Mission Statement

Control Tech USA, Inc is in the business of developing electronic products for and providing electronics service to the landscape and irrigation industry as well as to any other industries that would benefit from our products and services. Control Tech USA, Inc. officers and managers strive to conduct their business activities in such a way as to bring honor to our God in heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore we submit our actions, policies and conduct to the rule and authority of the Holy Bible, which we view as Godís word, and final authority.

            We are dedicated to providing excellent products and services with fair prices, treating all whom we come in contact with respect and courtesy, and being available to listen to and/or provide counsel to those who may need a friend or a listening ear.

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