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Welcome to Control Tech's on line Product Catalog. Here you will find our complete line of performance enhancing products for both lawn irrigation and landscape lighting systems

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     For those who are not familiar with our line of products, here is a brief description of each product category.

  • Wireless Links are your solution for irrigation systems that require a flow sensor and master valve that either have treching distances further than 400 feet or have imovable obsticals in the way, such as roadways, parking lots, parks, buildings, etc... Addionally, there are Wireless Links that can activate a pump start or other types of switching needs.
  • Lightning Protection  boards are designed to protect an irrigation controller from the harmful effects of a lightning strike. Our 120vac power surge arrestor can be used on any 120vac line.
  • Interconnect Systems are engineered to simplify a complex irrigation control installation that may include data lines, communication lines, multiple controllers, pump starts or master valves, as well as the remote valve control lines. These boards are offered with or without lightning protection.
  • Landscape Lighting Controls are to be used with low voltage AC landscape lighting systems to customize the control of the lights.
  • 900MHZ data communications for central controls, and wireless switching and controls.
  • Isolation Relay for connecting multiple irrigation controllers to a single master valve or pump start relay.

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